Ian Jarman

ban Bangladesh
irl Ireland
gbr United Kingdom
Wicketkeeper, Batsman, Bowler
Bat Brand
Gray Nicols
Current Team
Abbotskerswell Cricket Club

Ian ‘Jars’ Jarman is the vice-captain of the 2nd Team and habitual Friendly side skipper.

His powerful hitting and mystery spin are widely known and feared around the county (as is his glass-back).  He retired from wicket-keeping in 2020 on account of his warmed-chocolate spine.

Ian has done a lot of travelling within Devon cricket, having played for well over half the clubs in the county at one time or another, it appears that Abbots have secured his services for the foreseeable (lucky us!)

His most notable traits are his cow-corner ‘Go big, or go home’ one-kneed sweep-cum-pull shots, his atrocious sledging, and his inability to procure a ‘club-girlfriend’ ahead of the 2021 season.  Oh, yes… and THE Lucky Pants… don’t ask.